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Serve Your Body, Mind & Spirit with Iridescent Natural Healing Products! Call 267-403-1073 | Licensed in Pennsylvania & Georgia.

Serve your Body, Mind & Spirit with Iridescent Holistic Body Products!


All Products and Ingredients are 100 % Natural Raw & Unrefined

Bath Salts By Naturally Iridescent

12 oz. Bath Salts – $16.00

Bath Salts

Sea Salt which has many great essential minerals that does wonders for the skin. In addition to aiding the skin, bath salts also help to remove toxins, stimulates circulation, and relieves stiffness in muscles and joints.  Add this to your self-care routine.

Many Great Essential Minerals for Relaxation and Stress Relief.
* Coconut & Lime
* Citrus Dreams
* Simply Rose

Iridescent Face Scrubs

4oz. Fresh & Clean  – $15.00

4oz. Lemon RaSings – $15.00

Natural Face Scrubs

Worried about harsh chemicals in your facial products damaging your sensitive skin? You won’t have to with Iridescent’s Natural Face Scrubs.

In addition to exfoliating the face, our scrubs relieve dry skin, evens blemishes and leaves the skin moisturized.

* Fresh & Clean
* Lemon RaSings

Tip!!! Get Better Results when you apply Iridescent Body Butter after Iridescent Body Scrub.

Body Scrubs By Naturally Iridescent Products

Natural Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs are basically giving the body a facial. It exfoliates removing dead skin cells and moisturizes leaving the body soft.

Smell great and feel better with a good Body Scrub.  Recommend Exfoliating 3-4 times a week. Apply to your body in a circular motion, allow to sit, rinse & pat dry to allow moisture to settle in the skin.

Available in:  Simply Rose, Coffee, Grapefruit, Tangerine Wood, Lavender,  and Sunrise.

Simply Rose (Relaxation) – $10.00

Coffee (Blood Circulation) – $10.00

Grapefruit (Detoxing) – $10.00

Tangerine Wood (Clarity/Anxiety) – $10.00

Get a Single Bundle of Burning Sage "Free" included with Purchases of $50.00 or More!

Burning Sage Is Known As Smudging

Cleanse the Air or Yourself!

Burning Sage (known as Smudging) Get 3 Bundles - $8.50

Burning sage is known as smudging. White Sage has been used for many years and has many properties such as Cleansing the air, getting rid of negative energies/vibes, bringing clarity and enhancing your mood. Light the sage when you feel negativity or want to manifest. Cleanse yourself by holding the stick inches from your body, making circular motions and setting your intentions. Smudge your house but be sure to open windows or doors to let the negative energy out. Don’t forget those corners and in between places!

Burning Sage 3 Bundles, 4 inches – $8.50

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