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Healing Stones and Spiritual Kits for You!

Spiritual Kit and Healing Stones


A spiritual combo kit for protection, manifestation, healing and clarity.  All kits contain white sage, crystals/stones and other tools specifically for your desired kit. Simply set your intentions and use your power!

Along my journey I have come across the power of crystals. They carry many properties including healing ones. Some amplify, others protect, and many are used for grounding and aligning your chakras.  There may be a stone for everything.  These Crystals/Stones are from Mother Earth and emit beautiful energy. You will always be drawn to the right one for you.

How to Use Stones/Crystals:
Charge them in a full moons light, light the sage, sage them and yourself, and then meditate with them. Placing them on your body will draw out negativity by the crystals ability to act with the energy channels of the body. Wear them, carry them in your pocket, which ever feels best for you.

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